vrijdag 16 december 2016

Eggshell Concrete Paper Mache Lamp

Eggshell Concrete Lamp is a design of The Paper Moon Factory.

Handmade and shaped. 
The look of this lamp is somewhere between tough concrete and cracked egg shells.
The dangerous looking cracks and pits are accentuated by the powdery chalk paint layer.
The finish is sturdy and gives the lamp a bit extra charm.
The design is simple, industrial. Soft and bold colors in earthy tones.

A perfectly imperfect light shade!

Beautiful as table lamp or just anywhere freely suspended in space,
it's a real eyecatcher!

Made of paper pulp and painted with chalkboard paint. 
This paint has a beautiful matte appearance!

Equipped with a dark gray iron wire and a small black cap, makes this lamp complete!

Sizes: Diameter 33 cm. Height about 35 cm.
Sizes: Diameter 13 inches. Height is about 13,7 inches.

Material: Paper pulp (recycled paper). Finished with matt white paint
Equipped with a dark gray iron wire and large fitting [E27]

Use LED light bulb only!

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