Paper Beads Flower | Rustique Paper Flower

Rustique Paper Flower is a flower shaped ornament composed of handmade paper mache beads and placed on a wooden stem. The stem is slightly bent, like a real flower.
It's not only a great decorative object, but also very easy to sent to someone to want suprise by mail!
This flower fits right into your mailbox.
Rustique Paper Flower can be combined with other Paper Flowers, and all beads can be exchanged and new flowers can be created.
Paper Beads Flowers are made of paper mache, made of recycled paper. 
Painted and decorated with acrylic paint and varnished.
Paper Beads Flowers will last for ever and never wither or fade away.
When ordering a Paper Beads Flower you will receive all the beads as shown in the photo and the stem, to put them on.
All you have to do is to join the beads together on the stem and your unique handmade flower is ready


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